Wood Pellets for Fuel

Premium bagged wood pellets

Premium Wood Pellets for Fuel Wood pellets make an excellent alternative, renewable fuel source for domestic and commercial premises.

Verdo 6mm wood pellets are manufactured from 100% softwood virgin timber which is locally sourced in the UK, to produce high quality Grade 1 premium pellets.

There are no chemical additives as the natural lignin in the wood serves as a binder. The moisture and ash content is very low, giving the wood pellets a high energy content.

You'll find our wood pellets clean and easy to handle, making them particularly suitable for domestic use. And with a standard pallet measuring 1.5m3, they take up less room than other forms of wood fuel too.

We are now BSL approved.

BSL authorisation number - BSL0295101-0001

Wood pellets specification:

  • Calorific value: 4,800KWhr/tonne
  • Ash: ≤ 0.7%
  • Moisture content: ≤ 10%
  • Dimensions: diameter 6mm ± 1
  • Length 3.15mm to 40mm
  • Sulphur: ≤ 0.03%
  • Fines: ≤ 1.0%
  • Mechanical Durability: ≥ 97.5%
  • Bulk density: ≥ 600Kg/m³

Premium Wood Pellets

Verdo 100% virgin timber wood pellets. BSL0295101-0001

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10kg Premium Wood Pellets for Fuel

Wood Pellets

960kg (96 x 10kg bags)


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Wood pellets - the benefits

Save money using wood pellets for fuel

Used as a biomass fuel, wood pellets are the ideal way to heat your home for less.

The heating efficiency of all fuels is measured in calorific value - that is, the amount of heat released relative to the fuel's weight. Used as fuel, wood pellets have a high calorific value.

This means they burn extremely efficiently in a range of pellet stoves and boilers, producing more heat for less money.

High efficiency wood pellets
Why wood pellets?
  • Ideal fuel for residential and commercial purposes
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • No added chemicals
  • Can be used in multi-fuel stoves using a wood pellet air grate
  • Bagged wood pellets are clean and easy to transport and handle

Biomass wood pellets – simply burning better

Wooden Pellet Burning Stove

Sustainable wood pellets are one and a half times more efficient than wood logs. They're denser than natural wood and have a much lower moisture content.

And not only will your wood pellets heat your home more effectively, they'll be ready to use straight from the bag.

No drying, no chopping, no mess, no fuss.

Call us today on 01772 825 560 to find out how wood pellets can change the way you heat your home.

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“I am very pleased with my order from PLQ wood pellets thank you! I found the staff at PLQ very helpful and answered my initial queries from point of order to arranging delivery.

The pellets are very good quality and arrived in manageable sized bags. I will definitely be placing my next order with PLQ Wood Pellets”.

Laura, Chester

Wood Pellets For Horse Bedding... Wood briquettes...


PLQ provide an extremely efficient, personal service. Liz usually phones me to complete an order within an hour of my email and the delivery process is just as streamlined – the carriers are very reliable.

They pay close attention to the quality of their product, and have responded immediately to any questions I’ve had.

I have done some real time comparisons of these pellets against competitors. PLQ’s pellets came out on top for absorbency, fluffiness and keeping lightness of colour – beds look fresh and inviting whilst giving maximum durability and economy.

PLQ pellets make a soft, clean, economical and durable bedding material which is easy to muck out, keeps wet areas localised and odour-free. There are many bedding materials about but these pellets give excellent value for money“.

Helen, Equine Physical Therapist & McTimoney Animal Practitioner

Pellets conform to the European Standard
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