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Wood Pellets & Wood Briquettes - Go Green

Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets are becoming more & more popular in the UK, being used to produce heat in specially designed stoves & boilers. They can also be used in multi fuel stoves. We supply Verdo 6mm wood pellets, manufactured from 100% virgin timber, sourced locally in the UK, producing high quality, Grade 1, premium pellets.

Wood pellets are incredibly versatile, they can be used for horse bedding and cat litter, as well as renewable fuel.

Wood Briquettes

We also supply Wood Briquettes which are made from 100% softwood virgin timber. They offer easy, convenient combustion and they're suitable for burning in multi fuel stoves, log burners & open fireplaces.

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BSL authorised

Our premium wood pellets are BSL approved.

BSL authorisation number: BSL0295101-0001

Pellets conform to the European Standard


“I have used wood pellets for years now, finding it the most economical bedding. Some batches from the cheaper competitors simply didnt break down at all and ended up being false economy.

PLQ wood pellets however have introduced pellets that are as competitive in price to the cheaper brands but also crumble effectively. I’ve trialled a pallet, and have just reordered more with a view to taking a lorry load.

Would definitely recommend.”

Leanne, Gloucs

Wood pellets... Wood Pellets For Horse Bedding... Wood briquettes...
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