Biomass boilers

A biomass boiler will lower your energy costs

Biomass Boiler Wood Pellet System

The latest biomass boilers are affordable and brilliantly cost effective. They’re suitable for supplying businesses and homes with much cheaper, sustainable heating and hot water.
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Switching to a biomass wood boiler pays

Use wood pellet fuel, and you’ll save up to 40% compared to present fossil fuel prices. Wood pellets burn ‘clean’, burn longer, and are easier to store too.

That’s not all. The government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) can cover the costs of a brand new wood biomass boiler (including installation), and give you a generous cash incentive for switching to wood fuel for up to 20 years.

The scheme has been in operation for commercial biomass boiler users for some time now, with RHI for domestic users launched this April 2014. Find out more below.

There’s a limited amount of money set aside for the scheme. That’s why now is the best time to switch to a biomass water or steam boiler.

Domestic and commercial biomass boilers

We’re working with our biomass boiler partners to offer efficient and environmentally friendly technology for heating systems using logs, wood pellets and wood chip. Clean emissions, minimal energy requirements, simplicity of use and reliable operation are essential elements of our products.

We also provide a range of boilers from 200KW to 5MW for commercial and industrial use, as well as large houses. They burn wood chip and wood pellets with a moisture content of up to 45%.The boilers are constructed with a self-bearing structure of thick steel plate with a high mechanical strength and a high-volume, wet-wall combustion chamber with refractory lining of a high aluminium content.

*All boilers are MCS certified and all engineers used are MCS certified and HETAS registered.

Benefits of using Biomass

Gilles boiler Carbon lean fuel: Produces a fraction of the carbon emissions of fossil fuels.

Locally sourced: Biomass can be sourced within the UK on an indefinite basis, contributing to security of supply.

Sustainable: Biomass is harvested as part of a constantly replenished crop.

Economy: UK sourced Biomass can offer local business opportunities and support the rural economy.

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Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Your wood boiler could be generating heat and cash...

The Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme offers financial incentives for switching to renewable forms of heating such as wood pellet steam and water boilers. Interested?

The UK government has introduced the scheme to encourage people to change to heat generation via renewable sources. It applies to qualifying biomass installations and includes commercial and industrial scale biomass boilers. Once the system is installed you measure how much heat your renewable energy system produces. You receive a fixed amount based on the output, the type of technology and the size of the system.

You can find more information on the RHI scheme at

For the latest RHI update, visit

A group of "progressive Conservatives" has pledged to put the UK's green economy at the centre of the party's 2015 general election campaign and make sustainable energy generation the "norm" by 2020. See more at

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Why apply for RHI?


1. You'll receive up to 7.9p per kWh of useful heat

2. Payments are made quarterly & guaranteed for 20 years

3. Payments are made to the owner of the equipment

4. There's immediate eligibility

Helping You With Your Renewable Energy
Benefits at a glance
  • Could reduce your heating bills by up to 40%
  • RHI subsidy of up to 7.9p per kWh
  • Simple planning application and installation
  • Cost effective and low impact construction
  • Wood pellets give more heat for less storage space
Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme & Carbon Trust Funding

Click on the headings below to view additional information about the RHI and Carbon Trust Funding schemes:

RHI Tariff informationread more
  • Tariff levels are guaranteed for 20 years from the registration date and are adjusted for inflation
  • Tariffs last 20 years for all RHI installations
  • Each year the set level of the tariffs will be adjusted pro-rata to the retail price index
  • Tariff administrators will publish the updated tariff levels
RHI 2012 - 13 tariff read more
Tariff Name Eligible Technology Eligible Sizes Tier Previous Tariff (pence/kWhth) up to 31.2.12 New Rounded Tariff (pence/kWhth) from 1.4.12
Small commercial biomass Solid biomass including solid biomass contained in a municipal solid waste (inc. CHP) Less than 200 kWth Tier 1 7.9 8.3
Tier 2 2 2.1
Medium commercial biomass 200 kWth & above, less than 1000 kWth Tier 1 4.9 5.1
Tier 2 2 2.1
Large commercial biomass 1000 kWth & above N/A 1 1
Small commercial heat pumps Ground-source heat pumps. Water source heat pumps. Deep geothermal Less than 100 kWth N/A 4.5 4.7
Large commercial heat pumps 100 kWth and above N/A 3.2 3.4
All solar collectors Solar collectors Less than 200 kWth N/A 8.5 8.9
Biomethane and biogas combustion Biomethane injection and biogas combustion, except from landfill gas Biomethane all scales. Biogas combustion less than 200 kWth N/A 6.8 7.1
Carbon Trust funding – are you eligible?

100% Carbon Trust Funding

Full capital funding is available for renewable projects. This may include your biomass boiler installation and all internal and external pipework, controls and electrical connection.

The company is registered with the Carbon Trust and may be able to arrange funding for your biomass boiler project on your behalf. Funding will be subject to standard financial checks.

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