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Everyone has their 'thing'. Ours is wood pellets. Whether you're looking for a new way to heat your home or business or a new way to stable your horse, we are the people to talk to:

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Could wood pellets change the way you live?

"What's a wood pellet?" We used to hear that rather a lot. Not from people who already know how good wood pellets are as horse bedding and cat litter, mind you. And certainly not from the people who run biomass boilers and use briquettes or wood pellets as fuel. Just from everyone else.

Since we started in 2008 with a passion for making eco friendly, low cost fuel something for everyone, things have changed. Biomass isn’t only for business. Government initiatives have made switching to wood pellets even more attractive. Nowadays, fewer people are asking us what wood pellets are – and more people are asking us just what they could do for them.

Ask the wood pellet experts

Some things don’t change, though. We’re still based in Preston, Lancashire. We’re still the people to ask when you’re thinking of joining the biomass revolution, or giving your horse a healthier type of bedding, or of simply reducing your fuel costs.

And we’re still the people to contact for premium quality wood pellets – and premium delivery and service to match.

Change the way you heat your home

A biomass boiler, supplied and installed, with government-backed funding arranged for you. How does that sound? If this is the year you finally decide your fuel bills have got to come down, we’d love to help.

Call us today on 07888 399531 and discover how something as simple as a wood pellet could change the way you live.

Can buying wood pellets help save an animal?

It can when you buy them from PLQ Pellets. Wood pellets make excellent horse bedding, and that’s how we became involved with Canterbury Horse Rescue.

We’re a Friend and Sponsor now, and by buying your horse bedding wood pellets with us, you'll be helping to support and rehabilitate horses, mules, ponies and donkeys. Thank you!

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